Summers County E-9-1-1

OEM/911 Director

Loyd Lowry

E911/Emergency Management Employees

  • Margert Kruljac, GIS Specialist
  • Mark Mansfield, Telecommunicator
  • Michael Bennett, Telecommunicator
  • Heath Ward, Telecommunicator
  • Daniel Meadows, Telecommunicator
  • Michael Wright, Telecommunicator
  • Justin Begil, Telecommunicator
  • Carolyn Kelley, Telecommunicator
  • Nicole Davidson, Telecommunicator
  • Donald Richmond, Telecommunicator
  • Dakotah Cole, Telecommunicator
  • Butch Mansfield, Telecommunicator

E911/Emergency Management Information

Summers County E-9-1-1
451 1st Avenue, Suite 101
Hinton, WV 25951
(304) 466-5613

Summers County Office of Emergency Management

Summers County Office of Emergency Management

Loyd Lowry, Director
451 1st Avenue, Ste. 101
Hinton, WV 25951
(304) 466-5613

Summers County Mapping and Addressing

451 1st Avenue, Ste. 107
Hinton, WV 25951
(304) 466-7162


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SUMMERS COUNTY LOCAL EMERGENCY PLANNING COMMITTEE (LEPC)  Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) must develop an emergency response plan, review the plan at least annually, and provide information about chemicals in the community to citizens.  Plans are developed by the Summers County LEPC with stakeholder participation.  The Summers County LEPC membership includes:  Elected state and local officials; police; fire; civil defense; and public health professionals, environment, transportation and hospital officials; facility representatives; representatives from community groups and the media.  The LEPC meets the first Tuesday of the second month in each quarter at 6:00 PM at the Memorial Building.  The public is encouraged to attend.  

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