County Commission


Charles W. Saunders

County Commissioners

  • Charles W. Saunders, President
  • Mike Gore, Commissioner
  • Ted Kula, Commissioner

County Commission Information

2nd Wednesday of Each Month
Summers County Courthouse
120 Ballengee Street, Suite 203
Hinton, WV 25951
(304) 466-7100
(304) 466-7146 fax

Summers County Commission

Summers County is governed by a three-member County Commission that meets in regular session on the second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the County Courthouse located at 120 Ballengee Street in Hinton, unless otherwise posted.  For information, or to place items on the upcoming Agenda, contact County Clerk Lynn Reed at (304) 466-7104.  The authority and limitations of the County Commission are set forth by the West Virginia Code in Chapter 7: County Commissions and Officers.  Chapter 7-1-3 details the jurisdiction, powers and duties of the County Commission and specifically grants the following powers and duties:

  • The custody of, through their clerks, all deeds and other papers presented for record in their counties, with responsibility for their preservation or disposal as may be prescribed by law.
  • The administration of the internal police and fiscal affairs of their counties, with authority to lay county levies, under regulations as may be prescribed by law.
  • Serve as the judge of elections, overseeing the proper conduction of the election and confirming results by canvassing. If recounts are requested, the commission conducts the procedure.
  • The Commission neither owns nor repairs any roads; however, they may authorize the closing of a road or street that is found to be unused and not within a municipality. This process is done by petition, usually with the owner of the property involved.
  • Their general duties include, but are not limited to:
    • Preparation and adoption of a budget for all county offices in the Courthouse, except judges and magistrates;
    • Laying the levy (setting the tax rates) based on assessed property values;
    • Ownership and maintenance of numerous county properties;
    • Sitting as a Board of Review and Equalization in February of each year to hear appeals on property values for assessment purposes and make adjustments, if necessary;
    • Appoints members of certain county boards, authorities, and public service districts;
    • Adoption of ordinances for the protection, safety, and well-being of the people of the County;
    • Grants approval of purchase and payments for all county elected officials, except for judges and magistrates.

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Charles W. Saunders

(304) 466-7100 OR

Districts: Bluestone District

Mike Gore

(304) 466-7100

Districts: New River District

Ted Kula

(304) 466-7100

Districts: Greenbrier District

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